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HourTracker: work time tracking and reporting tool.

HourTracker is utility designed for tracking work time. It supports multiple employers, so it suits also for a employee who works for multiple employers.

Dates can be:

  • marked as a holiday.
  • holding a day entry with duration.
  • holding a event entry with beginning and ending times.
  • holding off-duty entries, with duration or with timestamps.

Event entries also may contain additional information. I have created this to suit most worker's needs based on my and my companies needs, yet keeping the application simple, so using it is pretty fast and won't become a burden. You can add multiple event categories, like work time and other work for example.

There are variety of settings for each employer and reports can be exported in 2 different formats, either inline HTML or PDF. E-mail is used for exporting and you can also set application to automaticly send you a copy. Also breaking a long report into multiple pages (supported paper size: A4) is also supported.

Even though this application wouldn't support your natural language, or your other language requirement, it does not mean that you couldn't send a report in your own language. Application settings also include a translation editor, where you can set all staticly used textual objects in reports to language of your choice, as long as required language uses standard alphabet set, because used font is static and only supports alphabets. Therefor, unfortunately languages such, chinese and russian, using special characters not included in normal alphabet set, cannot be supported perfectly. Still if provided language or translatable language will be accepted, with this application, providing a log about your work time should be no sweat.

HourTracker supports durations at minimum with quarter hours (15 minutes).

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