My name is Oskari Rauta and this is my website.
I have taken part of iOS developer program and this is where I provide support for my products.

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Upgrading rauta.eu

  • Upgrade #1: VPS server
    Rauta.eu has been upgraded. I decided to change hosting company and package. New host seems to be a lot faster than previous one. Also it's much more flexible than my previous hosting service was able to provide. New hosting isn't just hosting, it's a VPS server. I am very pleased on it - much more configuration when compared to plain hosting as I need to set it up all from the beginning, but on the other side - there's no more bottlenecks provided by hosting company, it's all up to me.

  • Upgrade #2: KVM server
    Hunger grew while eating. I upgraded my server again and this time I chose a KVM server to enable virtualized tasks. I also created a completely customized environment for my server. It took a while to get things the way I want 'em to be, but it was worth it - now I am running with completely customized server for my needs.

HourTracker 2.0

A long task has finally comen to the end and completely rewritten HourTracker has been pushed to AppStore.
New version was written completely from the scratch and contains numerous bug fixes, improvements and new features including Invoices IAP which allows user to write invoices directly from the application with invoices management.

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