HourTracker Backup Facility

Using backup facility in HourTracker is done manually and is very simple.

When ever you want to make a backup of database, go to settings and select Generate backup from Database section.

If you have setup a report CC address in settings, that address will be autofilled into pre-written e-mail containing backup file as a file attachment. Just send the post to your own address.
And restoring from backup is just as simple as making a backup..

Just open the mail containing backup, tap on the attachment and select Copy to HourTracker and HourTracker opens.

HourTracker then will make some simple checks to make sure file is not broken, system is not in read-only state, and so on..
It reads the backup facility version number and date from the backup archive and then displays date to user and asks if user is really sure that he wants to restore this backup, since after that, present data is permanently overwritten by backup’s contents. If user chooses to restore it, there’s one more question about if user is sure about this just to make sure that user really wants to restore from backup file.

Alternatively, you may download the file and use iTunes to restore it. Open iTunes from your phone’s applications pages, scroll down to file sharing portion and find HourTracker from there, upload backup file attachment to HourTracker’s root folder and start HourTracker. Uploaded file will be deleted from HourTracker’s shared files upon restore or cancellation of restore.

One last warning!
Please, do not tamper the contents of backup file – I will reveal here that it’s just a archived dictionary which contains all permanent settings of user, all the employers of user and all the data of user, which can all be edited with HourTracker – HourTracker does not perform any CRC style check if user has manually altered the data and with manipulated backup file, you might cause permanent damage to your database and might need to remove all data from application manually, so please, respect the file as your backup file that should not need to be touched as usually data stored with HourTracker is important to their users. Temporary data and dynamic data used by application is not stored to the backup file.