HourTracker F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions.

I have attempted to gather here most common questions about HourTracker. If in doubt about purchasing this application, hopefully this list will provide some answers.

Q: What is minute precision on durations supported by application / does application support durations by single minute precision?
A: Duration precision is 15 minutes, excluding date events which have minimum duration of 30 minutes. So, you cannot have event with duration of 1 minute, or 18 minutes; you can have 0, 15, 30 or 45 minutes precision.

Q: Will this change in time? Can we have 1 minute precision with update to application in future?
A: No. Application is designed in that way and changing this would require fundamental changes to calculation algorithms, changes to database which would lead to previous data's invalidation and lots of other problems. Why precision is not by minute? This is supposed to be a tool which can be used to report working hours and in most countries it is illegal to pay salary by minute precision- actually what I learned, was that in most common minimum precision for salary payment, is 30 minutes precision. This is why I designed application this way. It is also easier/faster to make entries, when there are 4 choices for minutes instead of 60, and one of principles with this application, was that once it's setup for user's needs, it's usage should be fast (no burden, beat pen & paper and so on..)

Q: Does this application support shifts longer than 24 hours?
A: Partially. But this requires one to have multiple events for the date; although, I recommend to limit entries to 24 hours.

Q: I have off-duty with begin and end time, but it’s decreased from events in a wrong way.
A: Most probably not. If you have a

  • event 1, starting at 12.00 and ending at 13.00
  • event 2, starting at 14.00 and ending at 16.00
  • off-duty, beginning at 12.00 and ending at 15.00

Time decreased from events totals to 3 hours, due to the fact that you you don’t have event between 13.00 and 14.00, even though total off-duty duration is 4 hours.
It is supposed to be a smart algorithm allowing all kinds of entries and possibilities.

Q: When is Android version going to be available?
A: This is propably most asked question ever. Long story short, answer is that it won't. Ever. Sorry.
It has taken years from me to build HourTracker in full, propably most time has gone to custom user interface classes, but there's way more than that to it - and there's no way that I would attempt to port it to different language on completely different system. If this would sell so much, that I could make a living of it, and there would be a team behind me, maybe then - but there's only one man, and sometimes, life just is too short.
If you want to use HourTracker, iOS device is a minimum requirement.

Q: I am thinking about developing my own application, is it worth it?
A: Depends quite a lot on what you are planning to publish and what are your thoughts about the experience. If you are thinking about how much money you get - it'd better that you don't start calculating any hourly rates - even though, it's all up to you, how many applications are you providing and how popular they get and so on. In my case, HourTracker has sold for quite a lot in my opinion, but funds that I have so far received, most often do not cut even licenses and support site's payments - I am keeping HourTracker on AppStore for different reasons; I think application like this was missing and I've put a lot of effort in it. So for a small cost, other people don't need to reinvent the wheel - instead they can download it. So it's all up to you, but getting it right in your thoughts will reduce risk of negative impact. If you are willing to contribute and have enough time, I definetly do recommend going for it.

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