HourTracker Invoices


Invoices add-on has been created to suite most small private contractors. Invoices add-on allows you to set hourly rates for categories, enter information about your company, set up employers as clients, and much more other settings which belong to this criteria.

Invoices add-on also enables Invoices archive, where one may store their invoices and set it's state. This helps monitoring your active invoices and also helps you store them. Invoices archive also comes with extremely versatile filtering, so that one specific invoice is always easy to find.

Invoices also allows you to draft new versions from your invoices, this can help you for writing a receipt, or maybe client is due to his/her payments and you need to write a new invoice with late payment interest.

Invoices fits also for a small company with employees, your employees can report their working hours as Invoice Data which means that working hours is packed to a file which may be opened with Invoices enabled HourTracker so you can create invoices directly from your employees report.