HourTracker Release Notes


  • Bug fix Fixed a sorting issue in archives.


  • Bug fix Fixed a bug with event time logic.


  • Version bumb Final version of new rewritten HourTracker.


  • Improvement Minor improvements.


  • Bug fix Fixed a bug with file importing.
  • Improvement Code optimizations.


  • Improvement Minor code changes for statistics view.


  • Bugfix Fixed employer selection.


  • Improvement Code updated to latest Swift 5 syntax.
  • New feature when using PDF report, report and invoice order can be switched.
  • New feature invoice number advancing.


  • Bug fix Sometimes occuring problem with new off-duty fixed.
  • Improvement Swift codebase updated to Apple's requirement: iOS 12.1 SDK
  • Improvement Some minor code changes.
  • New feature Description no longer is a required field when creating new event.

v1.9.10 Pre-release for 2.0 branch.

  • Complete rewrite Whole application has been rewritten from nothing.
  • Bug fix Numerous bugs have been fixed
  • Improvement I've put effort to every detail of app to improve it
  • New feature A lot of new features, for example, batch mode.
  • New feature Invoices add-on as IAP.
  • New feature HourTracker now supports printing to AirPrint capable printers.
  • Bad news Unfortunately I was not able to get a translator for Swedish language, so I had to drop it from future releases.


  • Bug fix Fixed a problem which caused 1.2.5 to hang on event creation ( Thank you for reporting A.S. )
  • Improvement Minor improvement in appearance of some elements


  • Improvement Code conversion to Swift 4 and iOS 11 compatibility
  • Improvement Code optimizations
  • Improvement Preparations for possible future changes
  • Bug fix Minor appearance change in settings view (Employers option was missing arrow)


  • Improvement More Swift 3 updates to code


  • Bug fix Allow multiple off duties to overlap without reducing off duty time multiple times ( Thank you A.S. )
  • Bug fix Fixed issue with algorithm when off duty begun at the same time that event ended ( Thank you A.K. )
  • Bug fix Fixed issue with algorithm when off duty ended at the same time that event ended ( Thank you A.S. )
  • Bug fix Fixed a variable casted to incorrect type ( Thank you A.S. )
  • Improvement Improved algorithm for off-duty mapping and calculation
  • Improvement Fail-safe backing of database re-enabled
  • Improvement More robust solution for new setting fixing possible rare issues
  • Improvement Minor improvement in report


  • Bug fix Fixes issue when restoring from backups with v1.2.1


  • New feature Display category name with event description.
  • Improvement Changes in swedish and english translations ( Thank you A.S. )


  • New feature HourTracker has now tolerance for timezone change.
  • New feature iCloud drive backups instead of iCloud synchronization.
  • New feature Allow user to disable 3rd party keyboard usage.
  • New feature Option for selecting BCC report to user.
  • New feature Display name of device used to generate backup.
  • New feature Notification support. Author of HourTracker is able to send message about upcoming updates to users.
  • New feature Custom region selection.
  • New feature Optional quarter hour disabling.
  • New feature Display timestamp of latest restore in settings if restored.
  • Enhancement Avoid accidental double tap on selectable and switching menu elements ( Thank you for reporting A.S. )
  • Enhancement Safety check for incorrect system time.
  • Enhancement Improved and more versatile backup facility.
  • Improvement Changes in swedish translations ( Thank you for assistance A.S. )
  • Improvement Added some smoothing to various animations.
  • Improvement Report attachment scaling issue improvement while previewing report.
  • Bug fix Fixed a list sorting bug ( Thank you for reporting A.S. )
  • Bug fix Fixed a minor issue with Now button when selecting time. ( Thank you J.V. )
  • Bug fix Fixes in duration calculations ( Thank you J.V. )
  • Bug fix Fixed a minor and rare styling issue with report.
  • Bug fix Fixed a logic issue in date editor ( Thank you for reporting A.S. )
  • Bug fix Fixed PDF page separation issue ( Thank you for reporting A.S. )
  • Bug fix Fixed missing place holder text in archive’s interval selector.
  • Bug fix Fixed typos in both finnish and english translations ( Thank you for reporting A.S. )
  • Optimization General improvements and optimizations in reports.
  • Optimization Removed old deprecated and redundant code.
  • Optimization Minor code changes as a result of thorough testing phase.
  • Optimization Compiled with Swift 3 now / iOS 10 optimized.

v1.1.4 iOS 10 compatibility update

  • iOS 10 support
  • fixed date/time localization issue in iOS 10
  • fixed issue with additional summaries on iOS 10

v1.1.13 Application enhancement

  • Database file is now backed up after exiting to application’s documents for future needs
  • Added link to application rating to settings page
  • Minor code tweaks

v1.1.12 Minor bug fix

  • Added some settings validations

v1.1.11 Minor bug fix

  • Fixed archiving ( Thank you for reporting K.P. )
  • Minor styling issue in report fixed
  • Fixed issue of loosing archives after importing a backup
  • Fixed issue with setting ascending / descending month order in archives

v1.1.10 Code rewrite

  • Broken iCloud support fixed
  • Database structure re-designed
  • Bug fix in offduty editor
  • Bug fix in date changer
  • Minor logic fix in date editor
  • Minor bug fixes in date event editor
  • Migrated manual database backup export facility to new database structure
  • Re-created importing of database backup with refreshed format
  • Added compatibility for old format of database backup when importing
  • Fixed a minor bug in event editor (if preset title was used, preset overrided always user’s selection when editor opened)
  • Fixed a minor bug in settings (version is visible again at bottom of settings)

v1.0.10 Bugfixes and new features

  • New backup facility, supports importing from Mail and iTunes sharing
  • Minor bug fix, overall hours of day is now updated after removal of off-duty
  • Minor bug fix, improved off-duty calculation algorithm
  • New setting to allow changing order of months in archives to either descend or ascend
  • Minor changes in code
  • Few other minor bug fixes

v1.0.9 Bugfix release

  • Minor fix in translations
  • Fixed a bug when entering text from list which caused app to hang ( Thank you for reporting M.K. )
  • Overall performance fixes

v1.0.8 New features release

  • Migrated to iOS 9 / Swift 2
  • Several fixes with reports
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • New feature add attachments from photos to report
  • New feature support for additional custom summaries (allowing for example, reporting of overtime and so on)

v1.0.6 Minor changes and fixes

  • Fixed a bug which occurred rarely with reports ( Thank you for reporting M.P. )
  • Fixed 2 rarely occuring styling issues with reports
  • Improved usability (email address validity checks)
  • User interface is now a bit more informative
  • Some styling, some minor code cleanup
  • Performance upgrade; Memory is now released more efficiently.

v1.0.1 Minor changes

  • Performance upgrade; Memory is now released more efficiently.


  • Initial release